Levina Abbott

Levina Abbott

Born: 1985 Skin: Penangke

Language: Arrernte


Country: Glen Helen Gorge Community: Santa Teresa : NT



Levina grew up on Santa Teresa Community. She is the niece of Jane Young (Chair of Desart and former Keringke Arts employee) and the grand-daughter of Agnes Abbo (one of the founding members of Keringke Arts).

From a very early age, Levina would sit and watch her aunty and grandmother paint. The older ladies would pass their knowledge onto Levina, educa ng her in pain ng styles and techniques, but also tell her tradi onal dreaming stories, and how they should be painted.

Levinas work is par cularly bright and colourful. She has a sharp eye for detail and great skill in naturalism.

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    Painted Mannequin – Levina Abbott