Keringke Arts 

Aboriginal Arts and Community Centre  

Santa Teresa – Northern Territory

About Keringke

Keringke Art Centre began with a nine-week fabric-painting course back in 1987. In 1988 the women of Santa Teresa held an exhibition in at Australian Bicentennial Craft Show, the first time an Aboriginal group had done so. By 1989, ATSIC funding had allowed the building of a purpose-built Art Centre. 

Our Artists

The heart of Keringke, our artists all have deep ties to the local area and have a reputation for some of the most vibrant indigenous art Australia has to offer.

Our Collection

It was evident from the inception of the Keringke Arts association, that the Santa Teresa women certainly had an artistic style all their own. The women were instinctively drawn to work in bright colours, and their designs quickly became very fluid.

Featured Artists

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Camillla Young


Evelyn Young


June Smith


Serena Hayes


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