Keringke Arts

Skin name: Ampetyane
Language: Eastern Arrernte
Dreaming: ayepe-arenye (caterpillar)
From: William Well

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Patricia has an element of strong design from her rich colorful and textural designs flow. She is always ready to paint onto unusual and large forms such as wooden furniture, ceramic urns and mannequins, or onto canvas with a high quality but lively response. Patricia’s paintings emanate from her interaction with the colours and forms of the country around her home at Ltyentye Apurte community in the Northern Territory. Within Keringke she has earned respect for her individuality and energetic style.

The Keringke style, of which Patricia is a proponant is described below: The artist uses pattern, colour, shape and design to create vibrant paintings that depict their sense of country, culture and self. Various painters have developed this style of painting at Keringke Arts over a twenty-year period, notable for intricate detail and high colour.

The shapes and designs may have features common to ancient rock art and petroglyph designs found throughout the traditional country of Eastern Arrernte. Other motifs reflect sand and body painting designs. Still others may reflect the stories and songs recounting the adventures of the ancestors who first traveled across the vast land making the earth as we know it today.

In its contemporary form these designs on the canvas may not be attributed to any particular thing, holding the energy and vitality of the artist’s particular creative experience. The Eastern Arrernte cultural identity includes a dreaming, a skin name, a place, as well as family name, language, and community. These things are not necessarily reflected in the design or outcome of each painting.


acrylic paint on canvas, wooden furniture, ceramics and other forms

Group Exhibitions

  • 2003 Desert Mob Show, Araluen Cultural Centre, Alice Springs NT 2003 Christmas Exhibition, Framed Gallery, Darwin NT
  • 2003 Alice Springs Outback Art, Alice Springs, NT
  • 2004 Jungara Aboriginal Art Gallery, Cairns, QLD
  • 2005 Aboriginal and Tribal Art, Sydney NSW
  • 2005 Walkatjara Art Gallery, Uluru Cultural Centre, NT
  • 2005 Desert Mob Show, Araluen Cultural Precinct, NT
  • 2006 Jungara Aboriginal Art Gallery, Cairns
  • 2006 Tandanya Naci, Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre, Adelaide, SA
  • 2005 Aranda Gallery, Melbourne Vic
  • 2006 Jungara Aboriginal Art Gallery, Cairns
  • 2006 Walkatjara Art Gallery, Uluru Cultural Centre, NT
  • 2007 Ulladulla Aboriginal Art, Sydney Opera House Quay, NSW


  • 2006 Design selected and reproduced by DEET for annual calendar, ACT
  • 2005 Design selected and reproduced for Chistmas cards by Centa Care, Melbourne