Three Dreamings – Benita Cavanagh


Benita’s country is all around what is known as Arltunga today. She has three dreamings: hailstone, rainbow and serpent. Benita is Ngangkere, and uses the helaing powers of her country and culture to attend to peoples illness. This is what she tells us about this ‘three dreamings’ painting. “In the middle are the circles, they are the water holes – they belong to the spirit people who drink there. Rainbow snake is there, he is travelling across the spirit people’s land. At the bottom is the green serpent travelling through the land of the rainbow dreaming and past the spirits of the land. The Ngangkere (traditional healers, ‘witchdoctors’) who live here also go out to the people of the land.”

Artist Name
Benita Cavanagh
Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork Size
95 cm x 99 cm

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