Keringke Arts

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Skin name: Perrurle
Language: Eastern Arrente
Date of birth: 13/7/1971
From: Yamba station area
Current home: Ginga Purdda, Santa Teresa

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by Keringke Arts, Lucille Young


Painted lady

by Lucille Young


My name is Lucille Young. I come from Santa Teresa and was born at Alice Springs on 13th of July 1971. I live with all my family here at Santa Teresa. My mother’s family is from Finke area and my father’s comes from Yambah Station area.

I started painting with my sisters in 2004 because I enjoy doing painting. In 2006 I started painting at Keringke Arts.

When I start doing a painting I draw a pattern first and then pick out the different colors.

I’ve started learning to do little things like ceramic and small canvas. Then I got little bit better and started to do big things like painting chairs, vases, guitars and I did a mannequin with the others ladies.

In 2009 one of the chairs that I painted is featured in the Jukurrpa diary (IAD Press). It’s good that our designs are shown to lots of people this way.

In 2013 she returned to work at Keringke Arts