Keringke Arts

This is story about the kangaroo that came in the dreamtime from the South East. It was a big red kangaroo (aherre), he went behind Santa Teresa (Ltyentye Apurte), along the creek (lhere). As he was going through the country he visited his cousin, the bellbird (kwepalepale). The place was really green, a smooth yellow vine (ayepe) was everywhere, ankle high. The kangaroo travelled along the creek, being careful so as not to get his feet caught in the vine. After he visited his cousin, he crossed a plain and got caught in the yellow vines, and his leg became tangled up. He was just about dragging himself up the gully, because it was a hot day, he could not go any further. He stopped in a clear area, but there were too many flies there. He used to get the dust and throw it over himself to keep them away. In doing so, he made a big hole and that became the rockhole. That was the last time he made footprints on the rock and they can still be seen today. After that, other kangaroos used to come down to drink at the rockhole, they were hill kangaroos, euros (arenge). To this day you can still see the tail tracks of the euros. There was a little pouch (apethe) near the rockhole, with two little shiny pink stones in it, representing baby kangaroos, there are only the remains today. The rockhole is now known as Keringke, a sacred site.